Last weekend

So, I came back into SD on Thursday night and it was ON!

Ray came and kidnapped me Thursday night and gave me the best present ever. He bought me these hippo print Vans with a matching belt. They're SO pimp, I'll love him forever haha. We went out to Lestat's and had some drinks and then went to a janky Mexican food shop and got 12 rolled tacos for $6.50 (That's insanity!!). I just about climaxed from those rolled tacos; I haven't had real Mexican food in ages (T-T).

Friday I took the train up to Irvine for Sanabu's 20th birthday bash, and I didn't even have to pay the $18 for a ticket! How, you ask? Did I give the conductor a quick BJ in the luggage compartment? Nay, when I got to the ticket window the lady said the computers were down, so just get on the train and I can pay there. When the conductor came by, he said that if he makes it back before my stop I'll have to buy a ticket, but he never came back (^^).

We went out to a ridiculously expensive and not really worth it Japanese place with a grip of Sanabu's friends, then we were off to karaoke (the place is called ELVIS?! lmao). Karaoke pretty much sucked because my voice was shot from trying to shout over the booty shakin music they were bumpin at aforementioned restaurant, but I still had a blast. Poor Lauren put in a song she really wanted to sing and she didn't even get to sing it! That blew.

After karaoke we decided to go drink, so we called up Bruce and asked him to buy us some liquor. We rendez-voued at the Albertsons where a handle of vodka was purchased, and after Sanabu trying to make plans on the phone for WAY too long and his roomate being a complete Wendy Wetblanket, we finally headed over to Lauren's dorm.

We busted out the skillz we learned in highschool by fixing our lack of cups predicament by emptying out water bottles (we're so smart) and got to drinking. I spent most of my time outside smoking with Bruce (he's so sweet and cute!) and came back just in time to see Sanabu's face practically GLOWING red. That was cute. Oh, and I wrestled Bruce, and I bit his chest a couple times when he had me pinned... I swear to you I didn't bite him that hard, but right after we got up he looked in the mirror and it was all black and blue and I think I broke skin in a few places (o_o). I felt so bad but he was like "No no it actually felt pretty good" haha (let's bump fuzzies Bruce!!). Also, Bruce's brother is way too cool, I love that guy (^-^)

After everyone left Lauren and I passed out and got up the next morning and got some mackin ass breakfast at the campus cafeteria, went to Starbucks, then caught a ride back to SD with her mother. I was so stoked that I didn't have to pay for my transportation at all haha.

When we got back Lauren went and did her thing and I got ready for the party we were going to that night. Armond and Lauren came and picked me up around 9 and we headed over to Crest... A.K.A. buttfuck nowhere haha. The house we went to was SO NICE. Apperently the guy lost his house in the San Diego fires, and got this ridiculous mansion built in it's place. We're talking like, fireplace in the bathroom nice. This kid also apperently won the lottery haha. He's got so much money to blow it's ridic.

Anyway, we got to drinking and to make a long story short, everyone ended up naked in the hot tub haha. I fell into the pool and almost broke my nose (it's all red and sore right now), and the backs of my thighs and ass is all raw too from sitting on the edge of the hot tub. I feel like I have a sunburn, it blows.

When I woke up this morning I went on the balcony/patio to smoke a cigerette and looked down into the valley below for the first time (it was so foggy last night I couldn't see a thing), and aked myself a question I never have before. "Is that an ostrich? o_O" One of his neighbors has an emu lol. It was like some sort of strange dream sequence, waking up still half drunk and looking outside to see a huge fucking bird lol. Also they have 3 horses, 2 llamas, I think I saw some goats, and a bunch of dogs and rabbits. Yeah, this place is in the middle of nowhere haha.

Lauren drove us back home after we stopped at Zeke's house to run his engine, and let me tell you, THAT was an experience. Lauren is an OK driver but she's so nervous and up tight haha. Oh, and at Zeke's house I totally crushed Armond lol. When I was drunk I was like "Armond let's have sex!" but of course we never did, and he was bringing it up, and trying to sound like some sort of player... so I said "Yeah dude I would have fucked you last night, but just because I need sex. I don't even think you're cute. YOU would probably be the one who ends up calling ME crying" lol. It was so cold, he was blown away. That kid needs to work on his ego. I'll help him with that, fo sho.

Anyway, I got back and took a nap, then went out to din din with my father and Lesli. We stopped at Walmart and I got a floor lamp, a trash can, a wall clock, and a hamper. I feel accomplished!! I'm waiting on $123 to come in the mail, then I'm going to go and buy some more stuff for the room. I need a tree type plant and some fabric to cover up my windows (sunshine makes me cranky!), and some shelves I can nail into my walls.

Tomorrow my father and I are going to get breakfast at this family restaurant called Brothers down the street, and I'm going to inquire about a waitressing job. It would be so great if I could waitress for a few months to earn some good cash, so I'm really hoping they'll have an opening. After that I'm going to go to some thrift shops and look at furniture (I need a desk, a dresser, and a small table). I'm also going to go to the bank tomorrow to get some things settled, ship out some CDs, and go to a pet store to buy some fish. Maybe I can talk my dad into getting me a dragon haha. My dad has a soft spot for lizards.

And that's the story of my weekend!!